Chad Randall is a speculative fiction writer living in Portland, Oregon. He has a B.A. in History from the University of Oregon and currently works for lawyers.

His unremarkable origin story involves scribbling adventures where Princess Leia and Han Solo got into all sorts of trouble, and a school project about dogs who got trapped in the mall on the way to dog prom. Now he writes about cowboys and people living on space colonies. He loves fiction where people are constantly running away from things – whether emotional trauma or monsters foaming at the mouth.

Chad Randall 4 by Sarah Armstrong BardTo get updates on Chad’s projects f
ollow him on Twitter @CasterShellNo9

If you want to know what he’s reading, follow him on Instagram @chadrandallbooks

Contact Via Email:  contact@chad-randall.com

(He’s working on getting a newsletter set up)



Photos by Sarah Armstrong Bard


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