Current Whereabouts: I am Finally on Submission!


It’s been a while since I posted anything or made significant updates to the website. Most of this is because A) I came to the realization that I may not be too keen on ‘blogging’ and would rather use my free time to continue writing novels, and B) I entered a contest on Twitter called Query Kombat (#QueryKombat) – a bracket style competition where you submit a query and put your fate into the hands of various judges. The competition was co-hosted this year by the wonderful Michelle Hauk, Michael Anthony and Laura Heffernan , to each of whom I am eternally grateful.

The competition was fierce, and fun, and I met a lot of amazing new writers and look forward to their projects being more successful than mine. I did better than expected and was having such a good time that I was actually a bit bummed when I had to bow out after the second round because I GOT AN OFFER OF REPRESENTATION!!!


So yay! I made it past the first gate of publishing.

My agent is now currently shopping my novel to prospective publishers and I am again playing the waiting game.

Which may give me more time to write some new blog posts. 

In the meantime, I want to thank everyone who’s been supportive and offered me wonderful feedback.

I haven’t made it to publication yet, but if I have any advice to give those querying it’s that you should embrace social media (it’s a great way to find agents and learn what they are looking for) and get as many beta readers, critique partners, and – if you can afford it – freelance or professional editors to help polish up your MS. Solid bones need to be there, but never work exclusively in a dark hole by yourself. Making friends and partners helps boost enthusiasm and increase accessibility.

Oh, also, lots and lots of patience. But everyone already knows that, right?

See y’all soon!



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