Cheers! Prost! Salud!

Hello, internet.

My name is Chad and I’m coming to you from the Pacific Northwest. I’m a speculative fiction writer who mostly dabbles in fantasy because if I get stuck I can just make stuff up.

I have a BA in History though and therefore love to ground my work as much as possible.

As I wade through the never-ending publishing process, please feel free to get a taste of my work, as well as my own opinions on other people’s stuff mostly in the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.

I’m a huge movie buff who is a little stuck on superheroes at the moment, so I apologize if I don’t talk nearly enough about books. It’s a bit harder because I’m a slow reader.

Useless trivia about me:

Nerd Corner
My pencil holder is a Face Hugger Egg, I don’t know what this other junk is

At 6’4” I’m pretty much taller than everyone I know. I’ve been told I resemble the NBA star Pau Gasol, which makes sense because I’m part Spanish. Despite having the blood of a Spaniard, however, I am oddly obsessed with German culture – their history is fascinating, their beer is delicious and I enjoy speaking their language when I’ve had a few too many.

The picture of me grinning like an idiot holding a beer is from ‘the oldest bar in the world‘ in Petra, Jordan. I recommend everyone go.


A short list of favorites:veronica-cartwright-as-lambert-in-alien-1979

Movie Moment: Blood in Lambert’s Face, ‘Alien’ (1979)

Book I read in High School: Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus (1818)

TV Show character I most relate to: Tie between Kif Kroker and Liz Lemon

Song I’m most likely to fail at singing: ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen (1978)*

Video Game Soundtrack: Super Mario Bros 2

2013-10-22 22.19.21
Love/Hate Relationship

Mutant Superhero: Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops

Non-Mutant Superhero: Eh, they’re all fine. Cap I guess

Color: Blue

Beer: Anything not sour

Food: Pizza, any and all kind. And tacos. Taco Pizza?


*Not to be confused with ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey 


Want to know more? Interested in what I have to say on a particular topic, movie or book? Ask me a question or recommend something below in the comments section


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